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Return the youth to your hair with Tanagra

Nano Keratin Permanent Hair Repair photo1 Do you ever wish that your hair could look and feel the way it did when you were a child – before you started blow-drying, straightening, coloring, and perming? Remember how soft and silky your hair would feel? How easy it was to style? Did you wear pigtails to grade school and curls to prom?

Maybe you have a daughter of your own now. Are you amazed at how shiny her hair is after a bath? The whole time she is whining about you pulling out the tangles, aren't you amazed at how strong her hair is? Don't you wish you could turn back time return the youth to your hair?

The solution – Tanagra!

Brazilian scientists have developed a patented hair repair system that can do just that! Tanagra is a process that can permanently restore your hair's natural strength, shine, and body.

Tanagra has been found to be 80% effective on its first application, 90% effective on its second application, and 100% effective by the third application. It is suitable for all hair types and is extremely effective on severely damaged hair, particularly bleached or sun-damaged hair.

How does it work?

Human hair is made up of approximately 90% keratin – a protein that gives the hair strength, resistance to repeated styling, elasticity, and shine. Natural keratin is damaged by heat styling, coloring, perming, sun, pollution, chlorine, and even everyday brushing. The Tanagra Hair Repair System uses nanomolecular keratin to replace your hair's damaged natural keratin.

That's how it works:
  1. First the hair is washed with a deep cleaning shampoo to remove any residue
  2. The hair is dried with a blow dryer but not until is completely dry
  3. Then a penetrating mist inserts millions of tiny particles of keratin into the damaged areas of the hair shaft
  4. The hair is dried again but with a ceramic iron, to cause evaporation of any water residue
  5. A second mist locks these particles into place to form permanent, insoluble natural keratin
Did you know that... Although some hair conditioners do contain protein; these molecules are too big to actually penetrate the hair shaft and, in fact, wash out with each shampoo.

What is involved in a Tanagra treatment?

A treatment will take about 60 minutes for short hair and about 90 minutes for long hair. Although this is a permanent hair repair system, the infused keratin will become damaged just like your natural keratin would with heat styling. Regular top-up treatments are recommended on a three to four month basis.

How safe is the process?

Tanagra is safe; however, pregnant women and those who exhibit extreme sensitivity may wish to wear a surgical mask during the procedure.

Tanagra does work on human hair extensions but does not work on synthetic hair extensions. You must wait at least three days after a color or perm before treatment.

Are you ready to have the hair of your dreams? Return your hair to a youthful state. Imagine how great that would feel. Having shiny, healthy, youthful hair will make you feel younger and alive!

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